Dr. Josh Williamson Performance Nutritionist



60-minute educational and developmental call spent focusing on you, your clients and your business.

This will help you:

• Getting better results with yourself.
• Improve client transformations and satisfaction
• Examining any underlying issues which you may not be happy with.
• Sustain your clients for longer through a better quality of service
• Receive more referrals
• Increase your rates
• Work smarter, not harder

This consultancy uses applications I have gathered from close to a decade in practice with self-developed, studied and acquired techniques from physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, performance nutrition etc;

• How to get optimal results for your clients in the shortest time frame possible, therefore maximizing your time and efficiency
• What you need to know, especially for your own business and clients
• How to assess physiology – hormones, gut health, detoxification pathways, brain chemistry, inflammation, immunity and mitochondrial efficiency
• How to assess physicality – biomechanics, weakness’s, activation, tightness’s, corrective exercises, exercise structure, neurological tricks and acupressure
• How to assess to psychology – understanding and overcoming their paradigms, teaching self and social awareness, emotional drivers, values, alignment and learning styles
• Using biometric readings such as heart rate variability, blood pressure and morning blood glucose
• Learn to tailor nutrition, training and lifestyle interventions accordingly
• How to prescribe supporting supplementation protocols based on their individual requirements
• Overcome any sticking points with clients
• Learn about progressive peroidisation based on either your own or your clients requirements
• Keep accountability and ensure your own progressive development at minimum of one private session per week.

Educational Mentorship & Consultancy