DR. Josh Williamson 



Coaching Information

I prefer using the coaching and assessment route basing your nutrition and training predominately around your physiology – looking at relationships with food, emotions, gut health, hormonal balance, inflammation, wellbeing, morphology and biomechanics. There is more to nutrition than calories and take all these factors into consideration to deliver a more holistic approach to coaching. 

I have limited availability due to high demand and to ensure the service I offer is of high quality. This coaching is not only based around nutritional plans and training programmes. I integrate herbal teas, herbs and spices, stress management methods, and lifestyle factors where appropriate to really manipulate the biochemistry of the body as a whole – thus having an inverse relationship on body composition and performance. 

Every single factor I implement into your plans will be backed with solid reasoning and scientific data what I have collected from coaching hundreds of individuals. The initial draft of your phase will be designed for the best possible results, I appreciate and respect everyone has their own level of commitment, so areas may not be practical or feasible. In this situation, communication is paramount, give me feedback and in which I will be able to structure the programmes for best possible results based on your level of adherence, commitment and priority. 

Training & Nutrition Coaching

Breakdown of Costs 

  • All prices are in Great British Pounds 
  • Online check-ins over various modalities – Email, Podcasts, Zoom, Skype, Phone Call, Instant Message 
  • Video assessments (if needed) for optimal exercise technique and biomechanical screening 
  • Frequent support and advice 
  • Ongoing education and validation (please use this opportunity if you are within the industry and have questions about your clients or wish me to run over client programmes) 
  • Training programme updates (frequency dependent on physiology and progress) 
  • Nutritional programme updates (frequency dependent on physiology and progress)
  • Once paid, all fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to different services offered by Dr. Josh Williamson
  • There may be an option to pay in installments